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myTekLet :: Keyboard/Mice Cable :: Din 6 Keyboard Cables :: PS/2 Extension Cable, Keyboard / Mouse, PS/2 Male to PS/2 Female, MiniDin6 Male to MiniDin6 Female, 6 Conductor, Straight, 10 foot

PS/2 Extension Cable, Keyboard / Mouse, PS/2 Male to PS/2 Female, MiniDin6 Male to MiniDin6 Female, 6 Conductor, Straight, 10 foot

Din 6 Keyboard Cables PS/2 Extension Cable, Keyboard / Mouse, PS/2 Male to PS/2 Female, MiniDin6 Male to MiniDin6 Female, 6 Conductor, Straight, 10 foot 
This 10 foot PS/2 (MiniDin6) extension cable is designed to work with keyboards and mice that utilize the MiniDin6 connector. Our cable features PS/2 (MiniDin6) male and female ends and 6 conductors with straight through pinning. Before the USB connection established its dominance connecting devices to a computer, the PS/2 connector was the primary method to secure a mouse or keyboard.

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